My tributes to the Funny Games are posted here! (The only reason I made this by the way is because I wanted to earn the badge)

Freddo Frogbuster

Age: 14

Freddo Frogbuster

District: 7

Backstory: Killed his entire family accidently by letting off a deadly poisonous fart, so has to be kept in solitary confinement. At the reaping he is standing in a seperate roped-off area

Weapon: His Deadly Poisonous Farts

Skills: Can talk with Farts

Weaknesses: Can accidently kill allies by farting, or give himself away while hiding by farting too loud, Thinks the arena is a big playground for him to play inside!

Alliances: Anyone, but HAS to have one

Personality: Mad, crazy, possibly special needs

Token: His pet fox that lives on top of Freddo's head, which can't smell so it doesn't drop dead when Freddo farts

Appearance: Carries his pet fox on his head, see Lunaii

Reaction when Reaped: Does a loud, non-poisonous fart

Interview Angle: Talks with his farts, not his mouth

Private Training Session: Coming Soon!

Bloodbath Strategy: Farts

Games Strategy: Farts

Other Info.

Highest Training Score: TBC

Best Placing: TBC

Games Entered: The Funny Games