Welcome to the Funny Games.== If you're on this, you need to be signed up for one of the Games. The current picture to the right will say if sign ups are open on THG wiki or not and which one it is.

Character PageEdit

You will make this once you have signed up for one of the Games. This will be for reference in future games or tributes and the past of the Districts participating.(:

Tributes PageEdit

Mentors will need to include the following on their tribute's pages.

  • Headline. (Name- (Which number participated) Funny Games
  • Tribute stats. (Age, Family, Backstory, Height, Personality pre-gamed, Weapon of choice, Strengths, weaknesses, token, preferred Allies, strategy.)
  • What they did. (AKA- What makes them significant? In reapings? In training? Their score? Chariot and placings of Chariot? Anything special?)
  • In the Games. ( What they did/ what happened to them- in bloodbath, their new strategy, personality change in arena, love interests/ relationships, Cause of Death/ by whom (unless you're a Victor(; ), Placings in Games (death chart), crowd reaction of your tribute.
  • Fate.

Sample Page to follow:

=== ===

Stylists PageEdit

  • Headline. (Name- (Which Number Participated) Funny Games
  • Name
  • Age
  • Backstory
  • What they designed
  • Fate

Similar Sample page to follow:

The President's PageEdit

This page is different from most others.

  • Name.
  • Age.
  • Backstory.
  • Ideas for running Panem.
  • Family.

The end.(:Edit

If you have any questions or concerns, go on my talk page please.

Thanks for participating.


Happy Funny Games guys.(;

Katelyn.danita 05:14, June 30, 2012 (UTC)

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